These are the things the team thinks are non-credible. What do YOU think?


Lincoln Heights Jail Edit

  • The Team couldn't prove the chair moved, making it not credible.


Queen Mary Edit

  • The so-called "Floating ghost" was proven wrong with the Thermal Cameras.
  • The shadow running across the poolroom wall.
  • The shadow walking down the stairs in the engine room.


Mojave Airport Boneyard Edit

  • The Orb found in the back of a plane, according to Riley, was the camera's flash.
  • The white light in the cockpit turned out to be Riley's flashlight.
  • The camera falling over was counted noncredible for 2 reasons: 1: A pidgeon (seen flying in the plane) could've knocked it over and 2: The wind tipped it.


Morey Mansion Edit

  • None mentioned


Fort MacArthur Edit

  • Jackie hearing things (possibly; KC doesn't think so).


Marine Warehouse Edit

  • The word "Jack" was unclear so it was not counted.
  • The "ghost" seen walking on the first floor (could've been a homeless person).


Fred C. Nelle's Youth Correctional Facility Edit

  • TBA

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