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List of Season 1 Episodes
# Season 1 Summary Broadcast Date
1 Lincoln Heights Jail The team investigates Licoln Heughts Jail. June 17, 2009
2 Queen Mary The team investigates the RMS Queen Mary.  June 24, 2009
3 Mojave Airport Boneyard The Team invesigates Mojave Boneyard Airport July 1, 2009
4 Morey Mansion The team investigates Morey Mansion. July 8, 2009
5 Fort McArthur The team investigates Fort McArthur. July 15, 2009
6 Marine Warehouse A World War 2 warwhouse is investigated. July 22, 2009
7 Fred C. Nelle's Youth Correctional Facility A youth facility is invesigated. July 29, 2009
8 50s Town Movie Set The team investiages a movie set from the 50's. August 5, 2009
9 Mission Inn A invstigation is made when a report of a former owner's is said to not be at rest. August 12, 2009
10 Evergreen Cemetery A cemetary is investigated. August 19, 2009
11 Tropico Gold Mine A old, abandoned gold mine is investigated.  August 26, 2009
12 Glendora House Glendora House is investigated. October 7, 2009

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