International Business Times

July 17, 2009

10:37pm EST

Subject: Lincoln Heights Jail

Cartoon Networks 'Othersiders' visit Lincoln Heights Jail Edit

Cartoon Network launches the first part of its new "CN Real" block of reality programming tonight with the premiere of this spooky new series in which five teens armed with high-tech gear investigate creepy locations that are rumored to be haunted.

Premiere Pilot with “Lincoln Heights Jail” airs on June 17 2009 Wednesday 8:00 PM on Cartoon Network.

Lincoln Heights Jail in Los Angeles is said to house the spirits of dead prisoners. After each investigation, the team posts the findings on the show's Web site, and viewers can vote on whether or not they believe the place is truly haunted.

The show is similar to "The Blair Witch Project" meets "The Goonies" as five youths investigate "haunted" locations.

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