A Camera is a piece of equipment set up in certain rooms to view possible credible evidence. They are able to see in the dark.


Captured Evidence (Credible and Non-Credible) Edit


Lincoln Heights Jail Edit

  • A camera captures a figure running by.
  • A camera spots a supposed Orb.


Queen Mary Edit

  • A camera spots something running by in the pool room.
  • A camera spots something walking down the stairs in the engine room and something glowing next to it.


Mojave Airport Boneyard Edit

  • Camera spots a possible Orb.
  • Camera takes a picture of a ghostly figure.


Morey Mansion Edit

  • A camera finds an SM on a wall.
  • A camera sees a supposed orb nearby Jackie.


Fort MacArthur Edit

  • Camera spots a shadowy figure walking by.

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